Thursday, December 19, 2013

Self-Reliance Tip of the Week - Yummy, Fresh, Warm, Home Made Tortillas Dec 19, 2013

Tip of the Week to ya! 

I have been to a few classes on tortilla making. I have learned something new in each one. Home made tortillas have been in my menus for a few years and there is NO comparison when you look at the "store bought" tortillas with 100 ingredients that you can't pronounce (haven't looked? Take a'll be surprised what's in them). Warm, delightful, delicious fresh tortillas turns my entire family into little thieves. I can't keep the kids out of them (or the hubby for that matter). Just yummo!  Many people take advantage of the tortillas found at our local Mi Casa tortilla factory. They are really good...but fresh homemade ones can still beat them! I can't say that I'm a professional by any means, but I must admit...sometimes I'm tempted to get a little fiesta dress on and twirl the colorful ruffles in and out....and in and out...

I've been watching lots of YouTube videos (I think I have a Masters degree in YouTube education) and I found the simplest recipe and instructions to follow if you have never ventured to make your own:

A note: I don't use shortening....I prefer softened butter or olive oil...sometimes half butter/ half olive oil. Much of the "hecho en Mexico" tortillas are made with...wait for it...LARD (which is actually high in vitamin E)! 

If you have a desire to experiment with half wheat/ half white, it still makes a great tortilla...I wouldn't go more than 3/4 wheat, 1/4 white because wheat starts to make it harder and know...more like a Frisbee than a tortilla. :) Something to keep in mind, only cook them until you see bubbles start to form then flip it, if you leave them to cook too long, again we get a Frisbee....I feel a joint Young Men's activity coming on...Ultimate Frisbee!

Here is another recipe to consider with even healthier ingredients:

Until next week...Suelta mi tortilla (or leggo my tortilla) :) 


One last thought on this Thursday before will be 99 years ago this year of the Christmas Truce ( Garth Brooks wrote/performed in the song Belleau Wood). The short story is after so much fighting between the German and English front line in WWI in 1914, both sides were sick of the death. They called a truce for Christmas Day only, and both sides (even though there could be serious implications like a firing squad ) agreed to not fire a shot at each other for that day. It began with one German soldier singing "Stille Nacht" (or Silent Night) and they all joined in. They later played soccer and even exchanged what they had in the trenches with them as gifts to each other. 

No one wanted to fight anymore. They felt the love for their fellow man.

In this world that tries to make laws and enforce "world peace", let us remember the only thing that can promise and provide lasting peace is nothing save our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Merry Christmas!

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