Thursday, May 29, 2014

Self-Reliance Tip of the Week - Do Your Tomatoes Say "Cheese"?

Aren't They Cute?

Don't you love it when you go to take a picture of your beautiful tomato plants and they smile with their beautiful teeth? It makes you just want to pinch their cheeks! It is because of all the calcium you've been feeding them. What? You don't give your tomatoes calcium?

Ok, my tomatoes don't have teeth either. But, they still need calcium just like we do.  Well why? It prevents blossom end rot (not that people get end rot on our blossoms...anyway). It makes the plant overall stronger so it can produce healthier tomatoes for you. After all, if you loose your blossoms, no tomatoes can come from them.

Here is an easy way to do it with egg shells that you would normally discard.  Here is a link (look for the third question and answer):

Lets focus for just a minute on the calcium we need. Some may say that "I don't need any more calcium. It is FORTIFIED in EVERYTHING." That can actually be a problem. How is it that we live in country that fortifies EVERYTHING with calcium and have so much osteoporosis?

In order for the body to assimilate (break down/ use) calcium it must be consumed with magnesium and phosphorous also.  They are like the Three Amigos. If you mess with one bean, you must mess with the whole burrito. If you don't, your body sits there with this calcium and says, "I don't know what to do with this...I'll stick it in the shoulder in the form of a bone spur."

Not many foods contain all three, so a variety of foods beans, dark greens etc are necessary to absorb calcium. We are told over and over that milk is an excellent source of don't get mad....but....once commercial cows milk has been pasteurized, it renders the calcium useless. It is still there, but it acts like a teenager in front of a video game when you're talking to it. Nobody's home.

If you can get a hold of raw milk, that calcium is untouched and works like it is supposed to. But where do the cows get the calcium? Green food.

So my whole purpose for bringing  this up is that our bodies need these minerals. Does your food storage contain the foods that have useable forms of the Three Amigos?

If your storage can provide the calcium you and your plants need, you'll both be smiling...big cheesy grins.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Self-Reliliance Tip of the Week - Are You a Sponge-Kid Too? May 22, 2014

You little "natural" sponge...

I enjoy going to classes and learning just about everything I can get my hands on **. Some days I feel like a little sponge-kid (as opposed to Sponge Bob) and soak up as much as I possibly can. This especially applies to anyone willing to teach a class on herbs. I love what they have to offer us in any way Heavenly Father has provided them for our use.

I am not a doctor, so this email has not been evaluated by the FDA, DEA, DOJ, PETA, or EFTPS to cure or prevent any disease. But honestly, I've never looked to any of them for reliable information on...anything...except maybe a shoe-tying tutorial or something. So, use the information I am about to share with wisdom and prudence (wink wink - D&C 89).

In one class I went to, by an herbalist, we were given a hand-out called, "Best Herbs for Emergency Preparedness Kit". As I list them, you will see some herbs mentioned more than once. That is because in the wisdom of our loving Father, he planned it that way. This list is not "complete" in any way, but it IS a good start! The herbs and organs they strengthen/ uses are listed as follows:

Antibiotic:      Garlic, Goldenseal root, Oregon Grape Root (all three are antiviral and antibiotic)

Liver:             Cilantro - regulates liver enzymes and function

Gall Bladder:   Yarrow: removes blockages and acid in the gall bladder
                        Hydranea: dissolves stones in the gall bladder

Spleen:             Oregon Grape: Strengthens the muscle
                         Yarrow: purifies the blood (and prevents reoccurring infections)

Lymphs:            All Spice: removes tumors and blockages in lymphatic system
                        Dandelion: cleanses lymph nodes

Heart:               Burdock: strengthens ventricles, pulmonary, aorta
                        Hawthorn: cleanse atrium/ muscle strength
                        Arjuna: valves, veins
                        Apple pectin: cholesterol, plaque

Bronchial:         Mullein: removes mucus from the respiratory system

Pancreas:         Sage: removes sugars from the blood
                       Rosemary: strengthens pancreas

Adrenals:         Eleuthro: cleans and helps filter
                       Chickweed: neutralizes acid

Kidneys:         Nettle: creates mucus to rid stones
                      Horsetail: neutralizes acid

Blood Purifiers:  Oregon Grape, Yarrow, Burdock, Sage, Chickweed, Nettle, Dandelion, Yellow Dock

Circulation:      Cayenne: thins the blood in large and small capillaries 
                        Horse chestnut: cleanse veins

Allergies           Ginger: drains
                        Uva-Ursi: dries sinuses

Parasites:          Rue (for adults)    Dill/ Cumin (for children) - Diet of no refined foods/ sugars/ dairy 
                         when killing parasites.

Constipation       Rhubarb Root

One time when my sister was visiting me, her husband woke in the middle of the night with a head-ache and asked her to go to the cupboard to look for some Tylenol. When she opened the cupboard, all they found was herbal tinctures. "Uhhhh....." They had no idea how to use them. "Go to the bathroom cabinet." He told her. There they found one bottle of Tylenol in my husband's cabinet.

It is important to become educated on how to use herbs before you just start "poppin' capsules". One of my favorite websites is There is a lot of information on specific herbs, their uses, and recommended dosages. You can even search by ailment. ROCKA ROCKA!! (Notice I didn't say "raca", because that would put me in danger of hell fire :) ).

I believe doctors and modern medicine are excellent tools to have. I also believe we have been given many tools to care for ourselves. Self-reliance has never been so sweet.

**I have been contemplating teaching some classes on herbs. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Self-Reliance Tip of the Week - The Dilemma: Should I Warn My Neighbor?

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

We all have them. Neighbors who get on our nerves. There are the ones who like to party and make lots of noise; the lookey-lou who seems to think your business is their business; the yellers and screamers; those that walk in and think you are their grocery store or pharmacy; and then the quiet really have to look out for those :). Well after all, "they" do say, "tall fences make good neighbors."

Sometimes neighbors would be the last people who you would want to have a deep discussion about solar cooking, freeze dried foods or especially...washable toilet paper. The truth is, these people may be who you rely on the most in the event of an emergency, because they are right State Farm.

A story was told me once that during the LA riots in 1992 there was a neighborhood of elderly people who had a PIP (plan in place) for the best way for all of them to be safe when everything was running amok. These wise people decided on a signal that if one person saw someone suspicious in their neighborhood, it would alert all homeowners to come to their porches with their chosen item of protection in hand in-case someone wanted to play hardball. Nothing was stolen or broken because of this plan.

Sister Susan shared with me the idea of planning a Neighborhood Preparedness Meeting. It is tempting to think, "I have way too much to do. There is no way I could plan such a thing." It just might save your life and property. And, the hope is they will be on your team.

This is a simple outline of what you might want to accomplish at such a meeting:
  • Decide on a date
  • Make invitations
  • Print copies of information on 72 hour kits and evacuation ideas, etc.
  • Show your own kits as an example
  • Challenge them to make their own kits - Schedule follow up meeting.
This is an excellent missionary opportunity too :) (wink wink) If you would like more information, let me know.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Self-Reliance Tip of the Week - Thou Shalt Eat Good May 8, 2014

When you say the words "food storage" most people think of wheat, oats and rice. Just those do not sound appealing to eat over and over. 

The creator of this website is going to eat SO good if there is ever an emergency. She practices and experiments all the time. And it cracks me up that she always has her teenage son to "taste test". 

Check out this video to see how to make "Collard Green" rolls. I NEVER would have thought to dehydrate collard greens! AMAZING!

Dehydrating food yourself can save a ton of money. The recipe in this video cost her $4.22 and it makes a TON! Also AMAZING! 

In case you would like to know where to get the milar bags she uses, go to 

So, lets say you live in a dry climate, very little rain that gets plenty hot most of the year. The last think you want is a dehydrator to heat up your house. Enter option #2: The Hanging Dehydrator

Pretty sweet huh. We could all use one of those, especially if your garden is producing more of one vegetable/ fruit that you can use or give away. Why not slice it up and dehydrate it? Put it in a jar and use later? 

Seems sensible to me :). That will be some good eating when ever you feel like it. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Self-Reliance Tip of the Week - Noahpinion on That? Think Again... May 1, 2014

Alright! Who opened the refried beans?!

In an effort to encourage all those who have made a Wonder Oven actually use it and become familiar with it, I have decided to make a video series on YouTube (because without YouTube, a video series would be a silly dream :) ) . This series will make it EASY to understand. You can begin to experiment with confidence that it really is as easy to use as I keep telling go get 'em tiger!

You will be amazed at my stunning video skills (tee hee :) ).

The first video is "Make Perfect Rice in a Wonder Oven" - enjoy! :


So, some days it is hard for me to imagine what it was like for Noah to build the ark that he was commanded to by the Lord. I imagine this huge boat, lots of pet dander, a 40 day forecast that would make Arizonan's jealous,  float for 5 months before they see the tops of the mountains. Whew! Are you getting sea-sick yet? Gilligan had it gooooOOood!

The Lord gave them wind so the waters would recede. So wind CAN be a blessing :).

So I have a few questions to pose to you today.

#1- How long and hard did Noah try to call (2 Peter 2:5) the people to repentance? (Gen 6:3)

#2 How many times do you think he encouraged and invited people to prepare and join them? (This one is just rhetorical - I don't have a source for that one).

#3 Do you think the people stopped laughing and banged on the door when the water was rising above their knees? (Also rhetorical :) )

The problem is, even if Noah would have wanted to help them (after 120 years of trying to get them to listen), and heard their cries outside the ark - he couldn't help them. Why? Because the Lord shut him in. (Gen 7:17) It was now out of his control to help.

Noah must have had many friends and family who celebrated his big 6-0-0 birthday-bash with him that he loved. But, (there is always a big but) because of their own choice, did not repent and follow Noah to safety. As much as that huge barge would have been stuffy with tons of poo to shovel, it was still leagues better than the "alternative".

Pres. Ezra Taft Benson said, "The revelation to produce and store food may be as essential to our temporal welfare today as boarding the ark was to the people in the days of Noah." (I encourage you to read or listen to the whole talk:

Do you encourage your friends and family to get better prepared? Having a plan to help other people - especially people you love- in the time of a disaster is a noble and right thing to do. However, what if it becomes out of your control to help them? Wouldn't it be better for them to help themselves? What if they dismiss your efforts to help them understand? Fasting, prayer and temple attendance will help you. If they still choose not to, than you gain a perspective similar to that of Noah. It kinda stinks.

We can only imagine the peace that would come to us if we knew our own homes, the homes of our families and our friends have become more self-reliant than we have ever been. If you have Noahpinion on that...think again.