Thursday, April 24, 2014

Self-Reliance Tip of the Week - Jam It Up Baby! April 24, 2014

Oh My Yummo!

First things first...

Last week I thought I sent you a link to the Georgia Cooperative Extension pdf that had salsa recipes...I realized this morning that I didn't actually send it...I'm such a tease! :) So, here it is:


Do you ever have one of those "A HAH!!" days? You know the ones I'm talking about like the day you figured out how the "settings" on your iPhone opened a whole world of possibilities for you, or having a birthday party at the park because you won't have to clean YOUR house when it is over!

I have discovered an epiphany...which has lead to a plethora of epiphanies (which is much cooler than a plethora of pinatas).

Tattler Re-usable Canning Lids!

When you are trying to be self-reliant, learning how to bottle is an important skill...especially if you are canning something you have grown yourself. To date, the only thing I have canned AND grown was apricots - it was a happy day. When you can re-use the lids over and over you save even more. It is kind of like washable diapers...but less...smelly. You always have it on hand. I have read that some people have used theirs Tattler lids for 50 years! I sure wish socks would last that long. 

I looked on Amazon for a better price, but really has a better deal. 

What if canning seems SCARY and DAUNTING because you've never done it before? My suggestion is start small. That's how we learn pretty much everything else right? Start with strawberry jam. Purchase "Sure Gel" by the canning jars and try one batch. Are you a visual learner? I am too. 

If you would like to make apricot jam without pectin - this vid's for you! It shows the old fashioned way before boxed pectin made it's debut. 

Pass these skills on to your children and grandchildren if you haven't already!

"Food for the hungry cannot come from empty shelves. Money to assist the needy cannot come from an empty purse. Support and understanding cannot come from the emotionally starved. Teaching cannot come from the unlearned. And most important of all, spiritual guidance cannot come from the spiritually weak" -Marion G. Romney

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