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Self-Reliance Tip of the Week - To Wheat...Or Not To Wheat...That Is The Question

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Wow! Do you believe ALL the people that have become "gluten free" over the last few years? It is incredible. If wheat is for man (D&C 89:17), why in the world are so many men (and women) having such a bad time with it? It's a fad right ? Well, lets check this out a little closer. 

A few things to consider with wheat:

  • Much of today's wheat is genetically modified to contain more and more gluten which creates softer breads- that in itself causes known health problems (dangnit!)
  • Wheat flour (especially the "enriched" varieties) is not a "live" food especially after being baked at high temperatures. It creates excessive mucus after we eat it, which leads to health problems (dangnit!)
  • Pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed on wheat also cause glandular and digestive problems (DANGNIT!!)

With those few is a wonder ANY of us can eat it! 

Is there a way around any of this? 

Dr. William E. Ellis who is a retired osteopathic physician and surgeon (located in Arlington,Texas) has done extensive research on the effects of cows milk on human beings. What he has found is quite surprising in regards to allergies. He said, “Milk and milk products are harmful to many people, both adults and infants. Milk is a contributing factor in constipation, chronic fatigue, arthritis, headaches, muscle cramps, obesity, allergies, heart problems and poor absorption..."

Part of the reason these allergies exist is because milk is a contributing factor in causing allergies, "by diminishing hydrochloric acid necessary to digest protein, causing the undigested protein to enter the bloodstream and promote allergic reactions."

(Herbal Home Health Care pg. 24)

Way around it #1: 

Avoid dairy - calcium is abundant in dark green food. Try grain or nut milks like rice or almond milk as a substitute. 

What else can help us around it?

What is more savory than luscious baked breads, biscuits, and pastries dripping in amazing toppings like butter and glaze...yummy hummy! Its like eating little cherubs! MMMmmmmMmMMMmm! But... (ALWAYS a big but!) like in the second point we considered earlier, high temperatures kill anything good that was in the wheat. There are also natural things ( enzyme inhibitors) in the wheat that make it hard to digest if water hasn't broken them down yet. 

Way around it #2:

Sprout the wheat. When we take a little extra time to sprout the wheat, many intolerant to wheat bread (etc etc), have found that they can handle sprouted wheat berries. During this process the berries are turned from a "grain" to a "vegetable". They can be tossed into tons of stuff like soups, salads, and even Peanut Butter Energy Balls (I would add like 1/4 C to this recipe). This way, they don't even need to be cooked. They are nice a plump and the longer they sprout, the more nutritious and sweet they are. If you do sprout them, and it still causes problems then you should still avoid it. 

How to sprout wheat:
1 qt jar
2 C. dry wheat berries
4 C filtered water
Ring for jar
paper towel

Add wheat and water to your jar. Let it soak 24 hours. Drain the water, put the paper towel under the ring and screw it on. Lay the jar on its side. Let is sit in a warm place for 24 more hours. The berries will have little happy white sprouts on top. 

Anything else? 

One of the biggest reasons people get sick (no, it isn't all bacteria and viruses) is because our lower intestines (the large ones) are lined with years of built up gunk...kind of like glue. When this happens, we can't absorb good vitamins, minerals and other essential things because they can't get through that built up sludge. When we clean the colon, the body begins to heal because the body can absorb what it needs. 

Way around it #3

Clean the colon.

The easiest way I've understood to get this done is to use this formula. 

I've read review after review how it has helped people get rid of this junk in a gentle way. But remember, any herb or mild food that is meant for our use will do very little good if we will not eat what we are supposed to. It is available at Indigo Mountain too. 

With the question of "to wheat or not to wheat"...only you can answer that question. What I can tell you is that when we eat food given to us by our Father and we consume it the closer it is to how He gave it to us, the better it is for us and for future generations. Even if you are gluten intolerant, don't be afraid to store wheat. It would be a great bartering item. 

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