Friday, May 6, 2016

Self-Reliance Tip of the Week - Self- Worth and Self-Reliance

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Hey! Could I get some service here?

Through some busy, stressful, trying and lazy times, I seem to have fallen off the "Tip of the Week Wagon" and want to get back going. So, with some patience on the part of the reader, I'd like to get started again. :)

My husband and I enjoy  a good documentary now and again. We have found a series that is part documentary, journalism, and eatery show (akin to Diners, Drive Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri...kind of). A guy named Anthony Bourdain works for CNN and they visit these crazy mostly politically unstable countries. If people think America is "politically unstable" right now...we have NO idea. It is called "Anthony Bordain: Parts Unknown".

This guy will try any kind of food and is always polite. Some of the food looks amazing and we look at our "Midnight Bowl" of cereal with a desire of some Colombian style BBQ chicken. Some of them make me want to throw up in my mouth a little. Though Mr. Bourdain has a bit of a potty mouth now and again, we've learned some pretty crazy things from his research. (Note: if you choose to check out this show, skip the one on Morocco...I mean really Morocco.)

Over and over I am amazed at viewing the war- torn parts of the world that I see on the news . I am tempted to halfheartedly think "How sad!" And then I move on with my life, and stress over why my network took a 10 second dive. These people day after day have to face these trials of unstable governments, tyrannical leaders,  the possibility of becoming refugees...again, broken economies and broken lives. Yet, overall they are good people. Many don't like a camera in their face, but they care about their families, and try to make the best of a continually stressful situation. 

A common thread in most of these countries is, the people are waiting for the government to step up and provide their basic necessities. Now remember, I am not judging their situation because I have never been there. How do you undo the decades and even centuries of oppression? However, when we wait on someone else to provide something for us, we tend to wait A LONG TIME. When we buckle down and make things happen for ourselves, it blesses us and those around us more. 

  • When we plant our own garden, we do not have to take frozen veggies (on a recall) out of our freezer and throw them away. 
  • When we have our own chickens, we do not go without when a chicken disease makes the price of eggs skyrocket. 
  • When electricity goes out, we have alternatives for cooking and washing our clothes.
  • If an evacuation comes our way, we keep the gas tank always half full and 72 hour kits handy.
  • When we have to go without something, we know we will live (except food and water that is :) ) 
When people serve each other, and at the same time are reliant on themselves it lifts entire communities. When the government steps aside and helps in only small ways so people can gain independence and self-worth then we will see communities rise even higher. Again, I am not making a judgement on anyone who needs assistance. When communities resist the things that bring them down like drugs, trafficking of any kind, and other crimes no matter the money or power that could be made and make it honestly, they will become unstoppable. That is an amazing thing. 

Part of home-school that I have done with my kids is finding places to serve. Volunteering has been really good for them even though they kind of moan about it at first. Now they love it!! When our youth learn to serve, they are given skills they may have otherwise not learned. This website will take you to places you can serve in your own community. What an incredible way to get to get adults and kids alike involved!

"The Law of the Harvest" is alive and well. When we sow seeds of service and giving, it comes around to bless us later. Its pretty amazing. 

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