Thursday, February 20, 2014

Self-Reliance Tip of the Week - More Honey Please!!!...and Wringer Round the Rosie! February 20, 2014

I received a question about raw honey and thought I'd share the discussion:

I have a question....does the honey need to be raw?  Will it work with the store bought honey?  I read an article that the honey on the shelves are from China and it has been processed so that the pollen has been taken out of it. Many suppliers buy it in bulk and then package it with their name. This is the article I read.

Here was my answer:

Raw honey has all of its enzymes, pollen and other precious lovelies intact. Yes, the FDA requires commercial honey to be pasteurized. They claim it kills bacteria that would cause illness...(which I have NEVER experienced).

NCE Security sells raw local honey.  It is a bit pricey, but I keep it for my "natural first aid kit" as well as cooking, so I justify the cost. If I had more land, I would love to raise my own bees...but that is a bit down the road. 

In a book I read, there was a man who had his hands burnt completely to the bone. So the author of the book, Peter helped him heal with honey. They soaked his hands in raw honey for a few days, but it was so painful because the raw was healing too fast. So they pasteurized they honey and it healed slower and less painful. His skin grew back and within a few weeks to a month (I don't remember specifically), all the skin was brand new and you couldn't tell. So to answer your question, I think pasteurized honey will still work, just not as well as the raw.

Since I read the article she (my question asker)  provided, I would slightly change my answer. I really would avoid commercial honey.

You can find quality honey at the following places (out of town):
- Trader Joes 
- B&B Citrus Farms (in Mesa)  ph# (480) 924-6282 Addy: 3404 N Val Vista Dr. Mesa (they do honey seasonally...once its gone, its gone)


Have you ever washed your clothes...the old fashioned way? I went to an antique store once and bought a washboard. I was so excited! I wanted to try it because it Don't ask me...I only live here.

I was reading about one of my Great-great-great aunts and I found out that doing laundry the old fashioned way was no fun. Part of her trial was that her mother passed away from complications of an accident and at the tender age of 14, she began to be the mother of her 8 siblings and to take care of her father. I can't imagine how much laundry that would be (I'm sure sister Tami has an idea :) ). 

At this point in my life, I don't know how much work that is. I do (mostly) good in keeping up with the laundry I have. Since the demise of my dryer, I've been hanging out my clothes and I've lived. But if I had to do all of it by hand, my life would be a little easier with these two tools. 

The Washer (I tried a regular clean plunger once...this one works so much better!!) : 

The Wringer: 

I have seen these wringers, but there have been some bad reviews...AND they are way over priced (in my opinion), but they are available:

Did you know that all across the world many countries don't have washing machines or dryers? They wash them by hand and hang them out to dry. The top two are really inexpensive and would be an excellent addition to your self-reliance tool box. 

Here is a "how to" video to give you an idea how to use some of these tools: 

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