Thursday, August 14, 2014

Self-Reliance Tip of the Week - Egg Whites for Burns? That HAS To Be A Hoax! 8/14/14

I feel like they're watching me....

Have you ever gotten those "hoax" emails where people encourage you to use wasp spray for self-defense, or that WD-40 contains fish oil and CURES arthritis, or that rhythmically coughing during a heart attack is like giving yourself CPR, thus helping you survive the attack? Rubbish. I suppose next "they" will come out with an email about the benefits of using a weed-eater to trim your nose hairs...humans can be so gullible. :)

But I did get a suspicious email about using egg whites for burns. I tend to believe many "natural" remedies...but would this one work? Snopes says "no" . 

I burned my thumb on Wednesday and thought it would be a good time to experiment. I love my honey/aloe vera/ lavender oil combo, but if I didn't have it, would egg whites work?

A blister appeared pretty quick and it hurt pretty good. I rinsed it off with cool water first. Then I cracked an egg into a small bow and saved the yolk for later. I soaked my blister for about 10 minutes. It felt really good. Was it just the cold egg white that felt good? Or was it actually doing something?

I had an errand to run so I soaked a small piece of paper towel in the egg white and wrapped my thumb in it and covered it with a clean paper towel. Within a few hours, the pain was completely gone. I later removed the paper towel to add some more egg white. I couldn't even find the blister. Weird..but AWESOME!!
So, even though snopes can be helpful in identifying some rumors and hoaxes, they got it wrong this time.
Do you know what else egg whites are good for? ANGEL FOOD CAKE!!!
I am so thankful that Heavenly Father provides more than one way to skin a cat...I mean, heal a burn - FANTASTISCH! ("splendid" in German)

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