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Self-Reliance Tip of the Week - WHAT IS UP in the Middle East? August 21, 2014

Cornerstone for Jerusalem's Temple

With all the pandemonium, tumult, and maelstrom (i.e. chaos) in the Middle East, it makes you wonder WHAT IS UP?? It always seems to center around Israel. What is so important about the Israelites anyway? I mean they make a mean Ruben sandwich (which is disputed because other people want to take credit for this amazing culinary indulgence) and schnitzel, but who are they and why do so many "last days" prophecies surround them?

These questions may seem to be a bigger bite than I can chew, but prophecies from Old Testament times concerning these people are intertwined with the things we believe. It is much deeper than you might be aware. I saw a documentary recently that helped me to understand some of these prophecies and why understanding them can help us grow spiritually and strengthen our spiritual self-reliance. 

So, the documentary is called "The Daniel Project" (viewer discretion is advised - not terrible, but not for small children either) and it can be found on Netflix for anyone who may be interested. This will be an overview of what I learned. Some I knew already, others I didn't. 

Prophesy #1: The Jews will be scattered Deut 28:64-66

They were. They were scattered and persecuted from Russia to America, and Europe to Africa. They had no place to call home. 

Prophesy #2: They will be despised and killed. Lev 26

They were...and continue to be. We don't have to look very far back in recent history where it was done in the masses...*shudder* moving on...

Prophesy #3: The Jews would return to their homeland Ezek 37: 21

They did. There has never been a point in history where the Jews gather back to the land of Israel...that is until May 19, 1948. They gathered together from all over the world. They hadn't been able to do that in over 2000 years! Can you imagine the all-you-can-eat buffet from the wide range of crazy cookery? We have egg rolls next to Russian dumplings, next to sauerkraut and filet makes my mouth water!  Now if we could only find the genius who added katsup to icecream - my life would be complete... haha just kidding.

Prophesy #4:  Jerusalem will become the center of world tension. 

Oh, THAT'S what's up. We are seeing it today...on a daily basis! It will keep happening until the return of Jesus. In 1967 there was "The Six Day War" which was a complete miracle because there were three major armies trying to take their land away, and the Jews won. 

Prophesy #5: The old, lost Hebrew language would be restored to them. Zeph 3:9

It has. It is their main language today. What a miracle it would be to take these people who speak many dozens of languages and bring them home where they all  learn and speak the same language. AMAZING!

Prophesy # 5 1/2 : The old currency of the shekel would also be revived. Ezek 45:12

It has. BOOM!

Prophesy #6: In the last days, water pools will appear in the desert. Isaiah 41:18 - 20

Some of this has happened in the Negev desert, but I don't think we've seen the last of it. Ezekial had a dream that water will flow from the threshold of the temple. It may be symbolic, but it may also be literal. Ezek 47:1 There are A LOT of underground springs. Earthquakes can do funny things. 

Prophesy #7: Fruits, forests, vineyards and olive groves will rise from the dust. From a wasteland to the likes of the Garden of Eden Ezek 35, Isaiah 27:6, Isaiah 35:1

 Because of springs and irrigation practices (and hard work), this desert does blossom as a rose. Israel's neighbors would love to take it from them. Many other cultures had lived there before without making it beautiful. It was either desert or swamp land. They are producing enough to export some of their products like pomegranate, olive oil, bell peppers, melons, wine and...CHOCOLATE!!! 

Prophesy #8: Man-made and natural disasters will increase with intensity and destructive force. 

Well, we've seen a lot of these lately...and we'll see many more. I recently received a document comparing natural disasters that have happened at the same time presidents of the United States have tried to make land agreements to Palestinian leaders, thus taking Israel's land a little at a time. It includes Hurricane Katrina and Isaac.  It is a VERY interesting read.

The prophecies below haven't happened yet, but with our running toll of what was predicted and what happened...hold on to your seat - it is going to be a bumpy ride!
Prophesy(s) # 14 & 15: An earthquake will split the Mount of Olives in two. Water will flow from under Jerusalem - it will also split in two half flowing to the Dead Sea and half to the Mediterranean sea. Zech 14:4-8

Prophesy # 16:  A great temple will be built in Jerusalem 

There is a Temple Institute that is currently collecting and restoring artifacts necessary for temple worship.  DID YOU KNOW that on May 21, 2009 the Cornerstone of the temple was "presented to the world by Temple Mount Faithful Movement" in Jerusalem. They can't lay the cornerstone yet because where          they believe the temple used to be (before its destruction the last time), is where the Muslim monument "Dome of the Rock" is currently. If they lay it now, it could start a holy war.  But...the Temple Institute currently has all the furniture and priestly garments ready for the Third Temple.

For more information on the challenges they face (from within their people and without), here is a great article if you are interested:

These are only a few of HUNDREDS of prophecies for the last days. I encourage you to look into it further and become educated about more of them. The prophet Daniel (Dan 12:10) said that only the wise would understand these were happening and would prepare accordingly. The wicked would keep picking their noses (like in the days of Noah) not even aware what was beyond the horizon. See, look at that, I am helping to make you wise.

You're welcome :).

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