Thursday, August 7, 2014

Self-Reliance Tip of the Week - Ya'll Ready For This? August 7, 2014

Oh the quarentine flag...yellow is so my color :)
( Please read most of the following with a large dose of sarcasm - in an Irish accent if you will...or maybe are free to choose :) )

Can you imagine what a huge blessing a pandemic (a world wide epidemic) would be? I mean seriously...think of all the people who annoy you on a daily basis. If there were a pandemic, you could voluntarily isolate (aka social distancing) yourself and you family from all of these obnoxious people:

- The tax guy (he's number one for a reason)
- The neighbor that ALWAYS wants that stinkin' cup of sugar!
- Any type of solicitor who tries to sell you something you don't really need or want
- Neighborhood kids that want to come play AGAIN today....
- I could go on and on....

Isolation would give you the opportunity to write that book you've always wanted to write, or spend lots of quality time with your family. Just think, 90 days in a row would be a WONDERFUL family vacation - in the comfort of your own home (wink with a little tooth sparkle). 

*Sigh* - I'm just dreamin' though. That could never happen here. 

Well, wait a sec, that's what they thought in 1918 when the "Spanish Flu" (which did not originate in or around Spain...just fyi) wiped out 5% of the infected population. The only country who lost NO ONE to the flu was...the Samoans. Why? They closed their ports. They would allow no one in or out. Japan lost only a few using the same tactic. Total isolation. It takes about three months for a pandemic to come into an area, do its damage and be done. 

So, let's list the things you'd need for your "cave dwelling, hermit like" holiday :

Water ( to drink, bathe, clean etc)
Food (At least three months...where have I heard that before???? Think....think....)
Sanitation (if a pandemic hits infrastructure like utilities - toilets, running water, and other utilities may work for a short time...what is your plan B?)
Fuel (to cook your stored food, and stay warm)
Deodorant - (I mean seriously people...)

Things you'll probably want: 

Communication - (phones may work for a little while, but what is your plan B? - HAM Radio? CB radio?)
Cabin Fever Distractions ( games, paper, writing utensils, books, craft stuff etc. )
Comfort foods: CHOCOLATE!!! 

After you are prepared, then what?

Timing is important - what signs should you be looking for before you take this once-in-a-lifetime vacation? I mean, you don't want to look to peculiar too early right? Your boss might not accept a "I'm not gonna make it in today...I am socially distancing" for a no show at work. If there is an outbreak in the U.S., consider completing your preparations. By "outbreak" I am referring to numbers into the hundreds...if it is less than that, it isn't anything to worry about. That many people die sneezing in traffic. If there is an outbreak that hits closer to home, that would be a good time to get crackin' and hunker down. If you wait for the CDC to tell you to isolate yourself, chances are they were playing an intense card game with FEMA and lost track of may be too late. Then all your extra long Spring Break  plans are foiled.
So, ya'll get ready for this?

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