Thursday, November 14, 2013

Self Reliance Tip of the Week - The Amazing Properties of Natural Vinegar - Nov 14, 2013

I am sOOOooo glad I went to the evening Relief Society meeting (formerly known as Homemaking et al)!! We had good food, good fun, a little bit of Indian Leg Wrestling, but best of all great conversation! 

The topic of planter warts came up (isn't that great??), and Sister Tami said she had removed one from her finger using apple cider vinegar. No way!! Then, the kicker...Sister Tricia said you can also use it to remove MOLES!! So, I decided to look up how other people had done it, and I found many examples.

I am in the experimenting process currently, I'll tell you how it works out! I'm so excited ( *giddy giggle*)!

So, this gets me thinking...we live in a time where we can visit the doctor pretty much whenever we want. They have all these high tech gadgets that help diagnose issues that would have only been dreamed of even decades ago. We really are blessed. But...what if, there wasn't a doctor around when you needed one? Some may think, "Oh, that could never happen! - We live in America!" If anyone remembers not too far back to Hurricane Sandy, or further still Hurricane Katrina, many people were left without food, water and medical supplies because of evacuation from the flood waters. We must prepare to be self-reliant with as many aspects of our health care as we can.

Will vinegar be our cure all? Many people believe so, but I would disagree. I have learned through experience not to put all your pickled eggs in one jar...if you know what I mean. We will talk more about other alternatives later, but for the meantime, vinegar does have SO many amazing things to offer us! Here is what other people have used vinegar for (I mean the real stuff...the "pasteurized" cider vinegar at the grocery store doesn't have all the properties the real stuff does. But, it will do in a pinch):


One more thing - Attention Gluten Free-ers!

I got an email from Honeyville Grain - they are having a sale! Honeyville only charges $5 for shipping too!

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