Friday, November 1, 2013

Self Reliance Tip of the Week - Sept 5, 2013 - Cheese Glorious Cheese!

For many families cheese is a comfort food (oouu pick me!). For other families not so much. If life would be hard for you without cheese, this is the tip for you!

There are actually a few ways to have your cheese for a rainy day:

1) One is cheese waxing - here is an excellent how-to video (not for mozzerella or cream cheese though...hard cheeses are invited to this party only)

2)  And then there is learning how to make your own cheese...It sounds so complicated and not do-able in our modern day...but it is and it TASTES SOOOOOoooo good!

This is a website you can get starter packets (which I have and I have enjoyed making Mozzerella) - I got the 30 minute Mozzerella kit:

When making your own cheese, you need to know there is a learning curve. But you can do it!

3) Freeze dried cheese is an awesome option! This is my favorite place to get it. It is a bit pricey, but you can buy it now and use it later. When stored in the proper temperatures, it will last many many years. I have cooked with it before (including grilled cheese sandwiches!) and my family didn't even know! My picky eaters were none the wiser!

Hopefully you can glean something worth your while in this week's tip. Have a great day!

PS - For those who might not have thought me completely crazy.... I want to let you know that I used my Wonder Oven to dye wool! Please ask me how! :)

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