Thursday, November 14, 2013

Self Reliance Tip of the Week - WOWEE! The Wonderific Wonder Oven Nov 7, 2013

When my nephew was around four years old, he said, "Ohhh I just love mashed potatoes!!" My sister said, "Well, if you love them why don't you marry them?" He said, "(scoff) I can't marry them, they don't have feet!" 

I hear ya bud, I feel the same way about my Wonder Oven. They are cute, warm and cuddly, but Wonder Oven's would make less of a mess if you snuggled them as opposed to your mashed potatoes. Alas, they don't have feet either. 

My new hero on the Wonder Oven scene is a cute little lady named Megan who runs this site:

All of the things on her little site far surpass my cute little tips. You can compile your own cookbook with your own recipes and make them food storage friendly! I encourage you to check it out! Awesome...anyway...

She has perfected making bread in the Wonder Oven and this is her experience...its all in the pan you use. Check it out...

I am sure you will come to love Megan as I have...AND she has feet :).

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