Friday, November 1, 2013

Self Reliance Tip of the Week - April 27 - What We Have Here - A Failure to Communicate

We may have all had a time when (for those of us who choose to have them) when we were so thankful to have our cell phone. For some people the cell phone goes in the pocket before teeth are brushed or make-up is applied. It is a necessity.

How would you communicate if your cell phone didn't work? Bostonians recently had this communication shortage during the 2013 Boston Bombings last week. First reports were that service was shut off to prevent anymore cell phone detonation. Then Sprint said that their network shut down because of that kindof traffic. What ever the reason, it is something that can happen. What is your plan B if you cannot communicate via cell phone? How would you tell your family that you were ok in an emergency if your phone isn't working?

Many families have chosen, for several different reasons, to have their home phone now be a cell phone. "Land Lines" are becoming more and more rare because of the versatility that a cell phone can offer.  Inthe event of an emergency there are a few alternative options:

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