Friday, November 1, 2013

Self Reliance Tip of the Week - Oct 10, 2013 - Washable What?

Some of you may remember the days that you used to cloth diaper your babies. I was one of those babies. Then came along the THROW AWAY paper diaper. Wow...what an amazing invention. It changed our lives forever. Convenience is trump in our day in age. 

But what if...truckers went on strike, there was an earthquake, or a tornado  happened to interrupt our day? Diapers would fly off the shelves faster than chocolate. If you don't have washable diapers, you're left towels? I'm not liking that visual. 

I looked and looked and looked for fairly priced washable diapers for the"modern" world. I found them. The initial cost is a bit pricey, but they will pay for themselves over and over if taken care of properly. I have been using them for the past two weeks on my bubbins and it is amazing what I have learned in such a short time. One of the greatest blessings of these kind of diapers is you do not have to buy different sizes. They have snaps to adjust the sizing. That is rockin'!Here are the diapers I purchased:

What if you are passed the raising babies stage in your life? Should you get some? That is up to you. Do you have any grand-babies in diapers? If you ever needed them, you'd be so glad you had them. 

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